2016 Bloopers and Throwbacks

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Thank You Teachers: The Teachers’ Pledge

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Throwback to Media Challenge 2016

Image taken from: http://www.rp.edu.sg/The_Media_Challenge.aspx It’s 2016 and yet another new year for The Media Challenge to start.  The competition is an annual outreach event that engages students who are interested in Mass Communications.… Continue reading

Bintan Overseas Service Learning

Bintan Overseas Service Learning Service learning. It’s defined as a teaching and learning strategy that integrates meaningful community service with instruction and reflection to enrich the learning experience, teach civic responsibility, and strengthen… Continue reading

Hanoi, Vietnam Learning Journey 2016

“7.6 million people and 4 million motorbikes” .. Mr Billy laughed and said this as we curiously watched the graffiti on the roadside-walls, lepak people outside almost every building chit chatting and having drinks, crude buildings… Continue reading

“Adopt a country” – by EVG RUGBY TEAM

Being a part of the Evergreen Rugby team has always given us wonderful opportunities and memories. “Adopt a Country” project was one of the best that we will never forget. The HSBC World… Continue reading

2k16 EVG Olympic Week Highlights

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Technology Era

Honours Day 2016

  9th of March 2016. 63 student recipients were awarded with the Chiang Kair Tong Education Support Fund. This award is only given to selected pupils who have done well academically, demonstrated good… Continue reading

Evergreen 2K16 Road Run Highlights

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